5 Timeless Looks from the Red Carpet for Wedding Day

Red carpet looks are dazzling, created by the top stylists in the industry, and show the hottest trends in hair and makeup. In my opinion however, it's best to stick with a style that's classically beautiful and will look great in your wedding photos 5, 10, or 30 years in the future. Many stars (or their stylists, if we're going to be honest) choose timeless looks that have endured over decades. The following five styles are definitely ones to consider for your wedding day!

Keira Knightly - She looks elegant in this very romantic look that will always endure. If you're thinking about wearing your hair down, loose romantic waves that frame the face, with curls that curve away from the face, parted almost in the center, is a great way to pull it off. Perfectly straight hair can look too severe, and really curly hair can look too little girly.... so somewhere in-between seems just right for wedding day. The headband towards the back of the head gives it just the right amount of romantic bohemian chic. The makeup is soft, natural, but polished, with a rose-colored lip. I can see this look complimented by a lace, ankle-length slip dress.

Anna Kendrick - This classic look will still look stunning 100 years from now. Your great, great grandchildren will ooh and ahhh and how chic you were. I absolutely love a classic up-do with subtle waves throughout the crown and sides, because it looks soft but sophisticated.

The makeup is bright and happy, with emphasis on the eyes, without looking too severe, or like she's wearing too much makeup. The petal pink lip is a perfect bridal shade, but not too bright to take your attention away from her gorgeous eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence - Jen's look here is gorgeous, and has just the right amount of class and sass to rock for a wedding style. If you tend to like some pieces of hair close to your face, or have long bangs, this style could be perfect for you. Again, going with loose waves rather than tight curls or severely straight is key here. I would gather the hair in the back into a low, deconstructed (that's code for "organized messy") bun, with texture throughout the sides and crown. I always vote for some volume at the back of the head with this sort of look.

The makeup compliments this style by being just glamorous enough for wedding day. Again, I dig the pink lip and cheek when doing heavier eye makeup - what a beautiful daytime look! It could even be amped-up by adding a strip of false lashes come evening-time.

Julia Roberts - Sixties-era bombshells still look hot for a good reason. And Julia pulls off this look with all the confidence and poise of the "Pretty Woman" she is! Wedding day calls for some drama, and if you're wearing a strapless, floor-length dress, this style would be perfect for you. Side-swept bangs with the "almost beehive", is such a classically beautiful look that defies the test of time.

Her makeup here may be more of an evening look, which could easily be lightened-up for a daytime wedding. The classic 60's heavy upper eyelid mixed with the nude lip and perfect skin are a great combo for this hairstyle, bringing this complete look into modern times with a little texture throughout the top and more of a smokey eye.

Katherine Hegel - The Marilyn Monroe look is elegant for wedding day, and is also a great choice for "above shoulder length" hair of any color. Pair it with a red lip and a more natural eye for a classic look that will never look dated. This knockout style would look stunning with a more tailored wedding dress, rather than something flowy and romantic. This hair style could even be achieved with long hair by doing a "faux bob", and pinning all of the longer pieces under the nape of the neck.